Inpatient Alcohol Rehab In Illinois

Illinois is the United States’ fifth most populous state, with a population of 12,830,632 (2010 US Census). The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that, over the years, rates of alcohol dependence in Illinois went above the national rates among all age groups, while those of other drugs have consistently fallen below the national average for all age groups.

Chicago, Illinois is an effective focal point used by drug traffickers as a distribution center for several illegal drugs in the Midwest, due to its comprehensive transportation network. This has led to the creation of numerous street gangs that control drug distribution in and outside of Chicago. Marijuana and cocaine remain the most widely available and abused drugs in Illinois. According to the Illinois Police Department, heroin is the second.

Inpatient alcohol rehab in Illinois has been provided by the state government for residents of Illinois. These treatment services are provided at either low cost or no cost at all, in partnerships with over 200 substance abuse treatment centers throughout the state. Services given by this program include diagnosis, evaluation, and rehabilitation. Counseling is also given to affected people and their families.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab In Illinois

There are hundreds of treatment facilities in the state of Illinois that offer various quality services for drug addicts seeking treatment. According to the 2006 National survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS), the majority of clients seeking addiction treatment in 2006 (91%) were in outpatient programs. This is because a majority of the rehab centers offered these programs, compared to only 107 facilities (18%) that offered inpatient programs.

Inpatient alcohol rehab in Illinois and centers for substance addiction vary from facility to facility. This gives a wide range of options to clients to suit what fits their needs most effectively.

The length of time spent in drug treatment programs and inpatient alcohol rehab centers in Illinois vary depending on either the needs of the client or the instructions given by the medics in the facility. Some facilities offer short-term programs of 5-7 days, while others offer much longer programs which take between 60 and 90 days. The average period to stay in inpatient treatment is 28 days.

Services offered by drug treatment and inpatient rehab centers in Illinois include:

  1. Detoxification – This helps flush out substances or drugs found within a patient’s system. It is intended to deal with a client’s reliance on alcohol or other drugs.
  2. Assessment – This is a process that allows doctors look into their client’s past to determine the primary causes of their addiction to alcohol and other drugs. It also helps doctors determine the most effective treatment to provide for the client.
  3. 24-hour surveillance – This means that the client is attended at all times by a doctor or nurse. A high-end inpatient alcohol rehab center in Illinois will have a doctor-to-patient ratio of 2:1, which ensures that every client has quality time with the physicians treating them.
  4. Spiritual and Emotional Health Development – Clients are given spiritual lectures, and individual and group counseling. Retreats and services are also organized and weekly evaluations conducted on clients.

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